About Us

Uufey is a shoe manufacturing and retail company focused on delivering sustainable relief to flat-footed individuals, have sensitive feet, or plantar fasciitis. Our primary underlying mission is to enable our target market to aim towards living a healthier life by providing supreme comfort on footwear and promote economic growth in the fashion and retail industry.

We have taken our time in carrying out research confirming the fact that there is still the need for this type of comfort range. We have explored the best regions sourcing quality materials for our product, bearing in mind our customers always must be comfortable. Uufey launched her product after much research have been done and from a personal experience angle. We have introduced our range from a point of understanding the degree of discomfort the wrong pair of shoes can cause. We all need comfort and search for it in diverse ways and aspects of our lives, we are bringing the level of comfort your feet need. Since 2015, extensive research has been done to achieve our goals and birth our products.

With rising statistics in feet defects as a result of health, weight, and other reasons, we have taken it upon ourselves to raise a campaign and create the right awareness on the importance of having the right pair of shoes. We have created a sustainable product to cut across every age to give the right kind of comfort and balance needed in a shoe.

Uufey is customer service oriented, we strive to give the customer what they want, on time, and always stylish. Creative, and high-quality shoe company aimed at individuals with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, sensitive feet, and flat feet.

Uufey offers high-quality yet affordable products with the right cushioning and support in specific positions to individuals with sensitive feet but not limited to them, because we have created a comfort range to cater to anyone who cares about their feet. We provide the needed support to the feet, which encourages proper posture and walking as recommended by the NHS to take at least 150-300 minutes’ walk a week (NHS.uk, 2019).

Uufey is an innovative brand founded by Ifesinachi Uwandi an MSc graduate from the University of Liverpool, Uufey is setting a new standard in the shoe industry by sourcing the finest of material and artisan. Uufey aesthetic makes a statement by itself with endless elegance. We are totally conscious of ethical designs and production and have successfully infused this into our production process.

Working with our manufacturers in Spain, Uufey shoes are flawlessly hand-crafted, using first-rate historic and ingenious technologies and materials.

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