Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name “Uufey?”

We make Comfy shoes and we make every product with You in mind.

You Feel Comfy = Uufey!

Why should we choose you over other brands?

At Uufey Shoes we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge based on both research and personal experience. We understand what it’s like to have foot conditions and look for the right shoes to help your feet feel better.

Our design team have taken the time to review the comfort needed for your feet – cushioning the ball and heel area, offering premium support for flat and sensitive feet. With the right type of materials we identified the best ways to give you the comfort and support your feet really need.

Can I still wear Uufey Shoes if I don’t have a foot condition?

Absolutely – our shoes are for all people who love comfort. Our footwear is suitable but not limited to individuals with foot conditions including plantar fasciitis, sensitive feet and flat feet. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality yet affordable solution to provide the right cushioning, flexibility, durability, and support for anyone who cares about their feet.

Can your shoes heal or reverse my flat feet?

Some foot conditions can be reversed, however, Uufey shoes is not a treatment plan or a substitute for professional medical advice. We offer supportive shoes to complement other treatments or surgeries.

Depending on the severity of your condition, Uufey shoes can help you prevent foot conditions or aid in your treatment. Uufey Shoes have the depth and width to accommodate extra inserts depending on your requirements.

What’s your price range?

We have created our collection with you in mind and want you to be 100% satisfied with our footwear. Our prices currently range from £79 to £129. When you purchase our shoes, you are investing in high quality support for your feet from the finest sourced materials. Our hand-crafted shoes are designed to be as affordable as possible while not compromising on functionality and quality.

Is this strictly a female brand?

Uufey Shoes is not solely a female brand, however, our current range is only available for women. As we have only recently launched and are continually growing, our goal is to expand our range for men and children to accommodate all shapes and sizes. Keep up to date with our ranges by subscribing to our newsletter here –

Can your accessories be sold separately?

No, our Plantar Fasciitis Relief and Foot Pain Kit is available in a bundle pack as it is designed to holistically treat all areas of the foot.

Do you have a payment plan?

We do not currently offer a payment plan, however it is something we are looking into.

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