Plantar Fasciitis Relief & Foot Pain Kit – 8 Pieces

8 Packs Footpain relief Kit.

The 8 packs footpain relief kit offers comprehensive care for foot pain and will help in recovery from bunion and maintain your toes in the correct alignment.
The right care for your toes and feet is guaranteed with this set.
Double-Hole Type Toe Correctors helps to prevent overlapping toes.
Toe separators help prevent overlapping toes and friction.
Pull Strap help straighten big toes.
Corrector sleeves help in sole pain relieving.
Massage ball help with plantar fascia pain


  • 1x Pull Strap
  • 2x Double-Hole Type Toe Correctors
  • 2x Clip Type Toe Correctors
  • 2x Bunion Corrector Sleeves
  • 1x plantar fascia massage ball


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Plantar Fasciitis Relief & Foot Pain Kit – 8 Pieces

  • BEST FOOT RELIEF & RECOVERY KIT – Our 5 in 1 bundle plantar fasciitis relief & foot pain kit is exclusively designed to provide fast relief from plantar fasciitis pain, expedite the recovery from bunion and heel spurs, provide arch support and reduce sole pain, straighten big toes, prevent overlapping toes and friction.
  • GRADUATED COMPRESSION – The foot sleeves apply pressure compression to your feet, increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. They also provide strong protections at ankles and feet to prevent injuries during workout and speed muscle recovery after rigorous activities. The open toe, fully elastic and snug fit design is ideal for use during walking or exercising.
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE FABRIC – The bunion corrector foot sleeves are thin, breathable and moisture wicking. The inner texture of the sleeves are also soft and cozy. You can wear them all day with any shoes (sandals, boots, slippers, sneakers, heels) or even under any socks. They will provide ankle support and stay dry even through toughest workouts. Available in one size.
  • FAST PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY – The toe correctors separate tight toes as a corrective aid and aligns the toes to each other, providing a gentle stretch to the tendons and ligaments in the toes and forefoot. The spiky massage ball can roll away deep muscle knots in your foot, increase circulation, helps you get tissue massage and relief your foot pains.

The number 1 choice for relief and recovery from plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs & other foot pains
We only consider the needs of our customers, therefore we exclusively designed this 5 in 1 bundle pack to provide fast relief and recovery of foot pains to help you to stand and walk freely.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Pull Strap
  • 2x Double-Hole Type Toe Correctors
  • 2x Clip Type Toe Correctors
  • 2x Bunion Corrector Sleeves
  • 1x Foot Spiky Massage Ball
Pull Strap
  • Flexibility allows stretching for maintaining good joint mobility, spasm relief, and promoting motor function recovery. 
  • Assists in difficult stretching and relaxation exercises.
  • Suitable for early rehabilitation use of people with foot drop, achilles tendon rupture, plantar fasciitis pain relief and other foot conditions.
  • Easily adjustable and accessible.
  • Durable and wear-resistant.
Double-Hole Type and Clip Type Toe Correctors
  • Reduces rubbing and pressure.
  • Excellent pain relief from hammertoe, bunions and overlapping toes.
  • Relieve and correct toes and foot pain.
  • Stretches and strengthens toes.
  • Ideal for active lifestyles and yoga practice.
Bunion Corrector Sleeves
  • Strong protection at ankle and foot to prevent sprains and twists.
  • Reduces risk of injuries during tough workouts.
  • Increases blood circulation and reduce inflammation.
  • Aids in recovery from plantar fasciitis and other foot pains.
  • Thin, breathable fabric that can be worn with any shoes or under socks.
  • Fully elasticated design is unobtrusive for everyday use without restriction.
Foot Spiky Massage Ball
  • Offers deep tissue massage by rolling away those deep muscle knots.
  • Increases blood circulation in the heel and arch area.
  • Relieves foot pain.
  • Ideal for muscle soreness.
  • Stimulate muscles pre and post workout.

This kit can also be used with the foot arch support sleeve for additional foot support.


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