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Fashion in your 40s can be a challenge. The fast fashion trends of the youth aren’t your thing, but you’re still a stylish, mature woman in need of feel-good outfits that are practical, comfortable, and look good!

Too often women reach their 40s and end up in neutrals and dark colours, fitting in with the crowd, or want a big change and aren’t sure how to go about it. So, here are some fashion tips for compiling a wardrobe for your 40s:

Be Utilitarian

Comfortable, convenient and functional is a must for wardrobes of all ages. Chinos are a great alternative to jeans that can have a new level of comfort and are available in many different colours and fits. Tie-waist wear adds dimension to your outfit, tie-waist jackets often feature multiple pockets, especially when in a military-style, and can be paired with a dress up or dress down outfit. Tie-waist trousers are a great style choice that are not too form-fitting but add a feminine outline to your outfit. You can find many more examples of utilitarian fashion by looking for functional clothing.

Be Classic

Building a lasting wardrobe that can fit your needs can be a challenge because of the variety of fashion choices available. By choosing classic staples for your wardrobe, you pick the looks that have stood the test of time for a reason. Classic looks also come from a time when the utility was valued and a product that would last a long time was an important feature. You could try classic and traditional coats and jackets in styles like pea coats, duffle coats and trench coats as a great way to add a classic look to your over 40s wardrobe.

Prioritise Quality

Quality clothing that looks and feels like a quality piece will make you look put together and sophisticated. You can pair one quality piece with a more relaxed outfit and look put together and stylish. Having one great quality jacket is a great way to add sophistication to an outfit in a hurry, or a great pair of shoes that stand out. In maintaining quality, keep your clothes and shoes in top condition by researching the best techniques for maintenance such as oiling leather or dry cleaning.

Search For Smaller, Independent Retailers

High street stores tend to tailor towards fast fashion and trends for younger consumers who make up the bulk of the fashion market. By shopping with smaller independent shops, you will find stores that tailor towards slow fashion and timeless classics. Some styles for over 40s might include midi style skirts and dresses, alongside patterns and colours such as floral and earth tones.

How Can Uufey Shoes Fit Into Your Over 40s Wardrobe?

Uufey offers a range of classic designs with boots, sandals and trainers with orthotic comfort. Orthopaedic footwear also aids in the prevention of foot conditions so could be used as a preventative measure for later in life. Kene Chelsea Boots and Sarah Zest Ankle Boots are some of our top picks for an over 40s wardrobe addition because of their versatility and classic style.

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