How to use the Uufey Pain Relief Kit

One of the things we offer at the Uufey store is the eight-piece Plantar Fasciitis Relief & Foot Pain Kit, which is designed to alleviate and correct foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, and heel spurs, as well as provide support to the arch of the foot, and straighten or prevent overlapping of toes. In this blog, you will find advice and guides to using each piece of the kit to suit your needs.

The Pull Strap

The red and blue pull strap is ideal for expanding joint mobility and developing motor function, as well as spasm relief. It is also applicable to those with Plantar Fasciitis pain, foot drop and Achilles tendon rupture, and other foot conditions.

To use, simply place a big toe in either strap and gently stretch the toes against each other. It’s ideal to perform an increasing number of “reps”, starting with three stretches a day for a week or so, and increasing the amount when you feel comfortable.

Spiky Massage Ball

The brightly coloured spiky massage ball is designed to alleviate the pains of Plantar Fasciitis,  muscle knots, and soreness, and increase blood circulation in the feet.

For the massage ball, place it on the floor (preferably in front of a seat, but these exercises can be performed standing if preferred). Then roll the affected foot over the ball until relief.

Bunion Corrector Sleeves

These sleeves offer strong protection for the ankle and foot, reducing the risk of injuries and inflammation during workouts or daily activities, and increasing blood circulation. They can also be used to aid in recovery from other foot pains.

Made of breathable fabric, these sleeves can be worn every day with any shoes or socks, and their elasticity won’t restrict any movement.

Toe Correctors

For those with overlapping toes or those who suffer from toe friction, we have two sets of toe correctors. They can also provide pain relief from hammertoe, bunions, and other foot conditions.

Place them between or on the afflicted toes to keep them separate and reduce friction.

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