Trends Spotlight: Bohemian and Preppy

As we settle into 2022, the new year brings with it a chance to freshen up your wardrobe with the latest trends. Two trends in particular that gained attention in 2021 and show no sign of stopping down are bohemian and preppy style.

Trend Spotlight: Bohemian

Bohemian, also know as ‘boho’, is a trend that originated from hippie culture, consisting of a lack of structure, various earthy colours and patterns, and vintage influence. Boho style comes from a place of practical fashion, with flannel, jeans, and leg warmers being popular boho staples.

Boho first appeared in the early 2000s with celebrity influencers Kate Moss and Sienna Miller being popular trendsetters, and the cross-generational appeal of the boho style led to its ascent and lasting hold on popular fashion. Accessories and distinctive patterns are also popular in the boho look, with a pagan influence happening in the more recent boho phase. Boho can be defined as a lifestyle of vintage appreciation with grunge influences.

Bohemian Style: Shoes

The Chelsea Boot has risen to popularity over the last few years for its versatility and utility, as well as it’s timeless style. Chelsea boots are named after the part of London that their popularity emerged in during the fifties and sixties, Chelsea, West London. The elastic side panel makes the Chelsea boot more distinctive than a typical ankle boot, and its simple but unique style has made it an iconic fashion piece.

Chelsea boots are the perfect addition to any boho outfit due to their practicality and signature style unchanged since their popularity in the sixties. Chelsea boots match with jeans and skirts alike, making a great wardrobe staple.

Try pairing Kene Chelsea with a flannel layered over a t-shirt with ripped mom jeans for a modern boho chic look, or with a vintage midi dress with bold pattern distressed denim jacket for a laidback and hipster inspired boho aesthetic.

Trend Spotlight: Preppy

Preppy is a form of fashion aesthetic with collegiate fashion origins, its name derived from ‘university-preparatory’, also known as ‘prep school’, a type of private American school typically for the upper class.

Taking inspiration from college dress codes, and with a focus on quality and classic clothing, preppy fashion takes both the college dress code and nerd culture fashion and builds its own distinct style. V-neck jumpers, argyle print, blazers and blouses are all staples of a preppy wardrobe.

A focus on high-quality is preferred to fast fashion, and looking sleek, structured and coordinated is a must. Tradition is favoured in preppy aesthetic, and individual variants of the preppy style have emerged as people incorporate their own traditions.

British preppy style favours toward Oxford, Cambridge, and British high society inspiration – think bowler hats, Oxford shoes, Cambridge satchels and the classic British tweed. On the other side of the pond, American preppy style constitutes as chinos, polo shirts and sweaters.

Preppy style: Cill Cut-Out Bootie

Cill Cut-Out Bootie is a low-rise ankle boot with cut out sides in a beautiful mahogany brown leather. Cill is the perfect boot to go with a preppy outfit due to its classic and versatile style, additionally, it’s built for comfort!

With a removable insole, Cill offers arch support and is great for sensitive feet so you can be fashionable and comfortable. Pair Cill boots with slim jeans, a loose-fitted blouse and a V-neck knitted jumper for cute preppy aesthetic. For a more structured look, opt for a tie-bow blouse and earth tone blazer.

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