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The Impact Of Fast Fashion On The Environment

According to the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, the fashion industry generates around 20% of the world’s water waste, resulting in being responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions.

What is “Fast Fashion?”                   

Fast Fashion refers to how brands are creating cheap catwalk inspired clothing products, these are often part of a trend and once it has passed the clothes are quickly discarded as consumers are moving onto the next popular style.

The idea of discarding clothing on a frequent basis leads to overproduction and overconsumption and increases the impact the fashion industry is having on the environment. Not only is this textile waste a huge problem, but according to Fashion Checker 93% of brands are paying garment workers below the living wage. Research in recent years also has shone a light on how many workers are forced to working longer hours in dangerous conditions.

It is not only the fast fashion brands who should take accountability but also the consumers who buy into it, we all need to be working together towards a brighter more sustainable future. For example, ending ‘throwaway’ culture is something that could have a great effect, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to buy ‘pre-loved’ or ‘vintage’ items, rather than throwing away garments after a handful of uses, trading, donating, or recycling the materials will help to decrease the production rate for new products.

Sustainability… in style!

Here at Uufey Shoes we are care a lot about how fashion is impacting the environment, our products are lovingly hand-crafted in Europe, and we try to infuse sustainability measures into every stage of our production process.

Our materials are ethically sourced, and we encourage, when possible, to recycle any of our bio-degradable packaging that is no longer of use. Whilst designing Uufey shoes we wanted to ensure that they are sustainable and built to last, with only 15% of clothing and footwear being sent to recycling we want to ensure that Uufey products are durable and will keep you comfortable throughout your days.

As time goes on Uufey will continue working towards become an eco-friendlier company, so join us for the journey!

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Selecting The Right Size When Shopping For Espadrilles

Why size matters when it comes to Espadrilles

Unlike other shoe types, they are set specifically for the foot as the fabric sets and moulds to your unique foot shape.

 So, what does that mean in terms of size?

Our original and authentic espadrilles are handcrafted by artisans using mixed leather and jute. As they’re handmade there is always some variation, but on the whole espadrilles that are a mix run a full size small. The canvas material will stretch a little over a few wears.

Taking this into consideration, we always suggest to size down when purchasing a pair of espadrilles for a better fit. If you’re still unsure of sizing, consult our measuring chart and how to properly measure your feet. Our size guide is also available to help you find the right size you need to feel the most comfortable.

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