Muscle Strengthening: Improving Stability and Increasing Mobility

According to Bellevue Podiatry, ‘the muscles in our feet are critical in saving ourselves from falling. These muscles weaken over our lifetime, so they require a simple strengthening program tailored to your feet to keep them doing their job as best they can.’

The importance of strengthening the muscles in your feet

Your feet are one of the most used parts of your body yet are highly overlooked when trying to increase health and improve self-care. Strengthening the muscles in your feet is extremely important, if your feet are not looked after then many problems can occur as a side effect.

For example, weight is something that can massively affect your feet. If you are actively going about your day but not taking care of your feet then they it is likely they will become weak, your body may find it hard to balance your weight as you’re moving around and as a result have an overall effect on a person’s mobility. Ensuring that your feet are happy and healthy means that you do not have to worry about such problems and can go about your day in comfort.

3 introductory exercises to help strengthen your feet

Big Toe Stretches

You will find this exercise useful when you take off your shoes at the end of the day. To do this exercise first sit down and position your foot on the opposite thigh (as seen in the image).

Now gently use your fingers to manoeuvre the big toe up, down and outwards, holding the toe in each position for up to 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise multiple times and then again on the opposite foot.

Toe and heel walking

These exercises are simple and will be an easy way to slowly increase stability. For toe walking all you need to do is walk using the ball of your foot for 20 seconds, if you do this multiple times throughout the day it will help to steadily improve your balance.

Heel walking is simply just the reverse of toe walking, where you walk on only the heels of your feet for 20 seconds. These may be tricky at first depending on your current mobility however if repeated daily you should slowly begin to see signs of improvement.

Tennis ball rolling or using a massage ball (available in the Uufey accessories pack)

This again is another simple exercise; however, you will need to use a tennis ball, massage ball or something of that shape that is able to maintain shape under slight pressure.

To do this exercise, sit down and lay your feet down flat on the floor. Next place a tennis ball on the floor and roll your foot on the top of it. As you increase and decrease pressure, this will massage the bottom of your foot and loosen any muscle knots and relieve soreness.

This exercise also helps to increase blood circulation and treat foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis.

Targeting other areas of the body

Whilst it is incredibly important to do exercises to strengthen the muscles in your feet, it is also good to recognise that other areas of the body such as your ankles, lower legs and even your back may need to be exercised and strengthened. Foot conditions often cause problems in these areas and so it is good to check and ensure that they are in good health before any major exercise routine changes.

If you are experiencing pain in these areas, or severe pain in your feet then please seek medical advice before your condition worsens. Medical professionals will be able to create targeted exercise regimes that are better suited for you and current situation.

The impact of Uufey on your foot health

These exercises usually take around 10 minutes of your time, so what about foot support throughout the rest of your day? This is where Uufey steps in. It is extremely beneficial to find footwear that will be supportive for your feet, our shoes are built with this in mind.

Uufey Shoes feature 3 zone comfort technology to help provide stability, balance and comfort for your feet. Our products include arch support for the base of your foot to relieve muscle pain and provides ample space for toes so they can move freely. This is a great alternative to wearing poorly fitted shoes and risking potential foot problems such as bunions.

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Suffering From Bunions: The Search For Footwear Solutions

According to Harvard Medical School, ‘women are 10 times more likely to develop bunions than men.’ This is due to weaker ligaments and often wearing more pointed shoes, e.g. high heels.

So, what are bunions?

Bunions are a foot deformity created when a person’s foot alignment is adjusted, amongst many reasons this can happen through wearing ill fitting, pointed shoes which force the toes to be squashed together. As the big toe is squashed to take the shoes form, the bone is forced outwards in a diagonal direction resulting in a person having a lump on the side of their foot.

Bunions are a common foot problem. According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research it is estimated about 23% of adults between the ages of 18-65 will suffer from the condition.

What happens if they are left untreated?

It is extremely important to stop any problems from worsening. If a problem is not treated then it can lead to further foot conditions. Bunions are formed when bones in your toes are moved and the range of motion if effected, this can lead to suffering from problems such as arthritis.

As well as bones moving, your toes are squashed together which means you are more likely to suffer from ingrown toenails. In more severe cases the lack of stability from bunions can lead to chronic pain in your ankles, legs and back.

How are they treated?

According to Dr Moy, ‘a forming bunion can be slowed and, in some cases, stopped. Using orthotics or customised shoes which help slow or stop bunion development.

Finding the right footwear is essential. Many of today’s footwear designs follow those that we have seen in the past – stylish and fashionable, yet overlooking the importance of comfort and structure. Pointed shoes that leave no room for toes will only increase the chances of suffering from these foot conditions.

It is recommended to wear wider fitted shoes, that give your toes space to move naturally when walking. As well as using the correct footwear, it is also recommended to do foot exercises and use toe supports, as they will help to strengthen your toes. 

If bunions begin to cause pain, it is likely going to be because your foot has rubbed against your shoe and has caused irritation. It is recommended to take inflammatory medication or herbal remedies which may ease the pressure on your foot. If pain persists it is important to seek medical help from a doctor or podiatrist as severe cases can hinder walking or exercise activities.

Finding the correct footwear

Wide toe footwear is a solution that can help to prevent foot problems like this from worsening. Uufey Shoes are designed with this in mind. Our range of shoes feature arch support to help with foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, and may help to prevent the development of other foot conditions. Uufey Shoes provide adequate space for your toes and feet to move naturally.

Uufey Shoes are built with 3 zone comfort technology to help with stability, balance and comfort. Increasing stability and movement within your foot can help to prevent bunions. Our products also include an orthotic insole which will help realign your foot to a more natural position.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of wearing the right shoes, you can watch our interview with Nurse Debbie on our IGTV or YouTube channel.

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Dressed To Impress: What To Wear This Autumn

Dressed to impress: What to wear this autumn

A wardrobe essential for everyone should be a trusted pair of ankle boots as they are a great option when elevating your outfit, so why is it that they are so popular during the autumn and winter months?

Here’s the answer: Comfort! Ankle boots are a great fashion statement in the winter months because they can enhance almost any outfit and keep you feeling cosy and comfortable despite the changing weather.

Autumn and winter fashion: Nature inspired colour palettes

As the colder seasons approach you want to be wearing warmer, earthier colour tones. As nature evolves and leaves begin to brown, this will inspire what colours we wear so during autumn. An autumn-inspired look colour include a variety of colour shades, with the most prominent being shades of brown complemented with oranges or deep shades of red. Pair these colours with neutrals such as white, grey, cream and black for a dynamic autumn look.

As the season changes, the colours we see in fashion do too. For example, during winter you are likely to see a lot deeper, richer tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and burgundy. These colours are often paired with lighter tones like white or cream for a colour contrast or complemented with darker shades of grey and brown.

Outfit check! Incorporating Uufey into your Winter wardrobe

As briefly mentioned, ankle boots popularity soars during the winter months as people seek comfort and support, these are elements that are built into Uufey products as we want to help people look after themselves.

Pairing the Cill Cut-Out Bootie

The Cill shoe is an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe as it can complement many outfits. Pair your Cill with a long white sleeve t-shirt, brown corduroy dress and black tights for a playful autumn look.

Keep cosy with Kene

Pair your Kene with Jeans and a Chunky Knit jumper or cardigan for a staple Autumn look. Pair with an additional colourful peacoat to keep you warm, whilst the Kene will look after your feet, with it’s cosy faux fur lining.

Style your Sarah-Zest

Our Sarah-Zest range comes in 3 different colours: Black, Burgundy and Navy. Black ankle boots are an extremely useful addition to your wardrobe as they can be paired with any look.

Pair your Burgundy ­Sarah-Zest with a dark grey or black pair of leggings, simple block coloured t-shirt and playful cardigan for an amazing Autumn inspired look.

Following the seasonal colour palette, for a cute Winter look, you could pair your Navy Sarah-Zest boots with a pair of jeans and cream chunky knit jumper.

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