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The Perfect Cycling Shoe

Cycling is great for many reasons, including weight loss, good for your mental health, and helping with circulation. But having the correct shoes is crucial for cycling as even though it is a low–impact sport having shoes that don’t fit correctly or feel comfortable can really cause issues whilst cycling.

Cycling with Plantar Fasciitis

Many people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis worry that cycling may worsen their condition but, it has actually been tested and cycling doesn’t make your condition worse, according to Monroe Foot and Ankle Care they said, “activities such as swimming, cycling, yoga or elliptical cardio won’t cause Plantar Fasciitis nor will they make it worse for you if you have it. Make sure to stretch out your calves and feet before and after you exercise. You can do things like curling and relaxing your toes and making circles with your ankles and feet.”

How to prevent pain

To prevent foot pain in general always make sure you are wearing the correct shoes, make sure they are comfortable as uncomfortable shoes automatically make you have sore feet so that is essential, and also is make sure your shoes fit correctly as you don’t want shoes that are too small as they will always suffocate your feet and make your feet feel numb. On the other hand, wearing shoes that are too big for you can cause blisters, this is caused by friction, so always make sure your shoes are fitted correctly and comfortably.

How to prevent foot pain when cycling

  • Wear the correct footwear.
  • Wear insoles
  • Buy correct foot pedals for your bike.
  • Apply ice to your feet to reduce any inflammation of your feet caused by cycling.

Wearing shoes with built-in arch support (orthotics) are also a great option when trying to prevent foot pain, (Cycling or not), arch support helps in many ways firstly being, that they are designed to provide support for your foot arch while distributing weight evenly across the surface of your feet, according to, HoodMWR  “This helps alleviate pain caused by an abnormal weight distribution or flat feet.”

Cycling with Chemin Trainers

If you are wanting some super stylish trainers that include comfort for daily activities or exercise then Uufey Shoes Chemin Orthotic Trainers are a great option as they are super stylish and come in two colour options (Grey and Black).

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Fashion Spotlight: Summer Fashion Trends

So, with summer being around the corner now is the perfect time to start getting your summer wardrobe ready, but it’s not always that simple, right? What are the latest trends? What colours are in this summer? We have got your back, let’s get into what’s trending In summer 22!

Trend 1: The ultimate summer dress

Firstly, let’s start off with a summer classic! A simple white basic dress, there’s no specific style as white dresses come in a variety of choices such as Frill Dresses, Cocktail Dresses, Skater Dresses etc, but in my opinion Frill style is always a winner in the summer, they pair amazingly with pretty much anything whether that’s a pair of sandals for a hot day or a pair of boots and a denim jacket for a breezier summer day! White clothes are also an excellent choice for summer as they reflect most of the sun’s heat and absorb very little of the sun’s heat to keep us cool!

Trend 2: Fancy Flares

Secondly, another style that’s in this summer is flared trousers, as well as the white dresses there are a variety on flared trousers but for summer beach type full leg flare style trousers are defiantly in, paired well with a cute basic white top and some chunky boot style shoes, for example, our ‘Cill Cut – Out Bootie’, and if it’s more of a hotter day maybe pair with some sandals, and of course accessories with a cute bag, as a bag always adds a simple but effective look to an outfit.

Trend 3: Co-Ords

As well as this, another fashion look that is 100% on trend this summer is co-ords weather that’s a trouser co-ord, a skirt co-ord, and gym co-ord, and they are in! A lot of people are going for trouser co-ords and paring with some sandals for an evening time outing this is a great look as its very Suttle but dressy at the same time, you can also dress this type of outfit down with some espadrilles, for example, you could pair our ‘Crown Dual Espadrilles’ the image below is showing our ‘Stone’ option but they do also come in the colour blue! They would be great to pair with the Co-Ord for the daytime, this is a great outfit choice for the summer as it’s super easy to throw together any time of the day!

Trend 4: Classic Denim

So, this outfit is a classic and it is denim shorts! Denim shorts are a great choice for the summer and they are always in trend, you can dress them up or dress them down. So, if were talking a running errands kind of day I would pair denim shorts with a cute basic t-shirt and some trainers, Uufey’s ‘Chemin Grey and Pink Orthotic Trainers’ would go great with this outfit, and you would be super comfy all day!

If you’re wanting more of a dressy kind of vibe say for brunch with the girls or an evening meal you could pair your choice of denim shorts with a nice blouse or maybe a pale pink colour (super summery) and pair with some sandals, once again our ‘Shine Orthotic Sandal’ would be a great pair with this style of outfit as they are super comfortable but very stylish and add that dressy touch to a quite basic outfit, and then of course accessorise!

Be sure to shop for your summer shoes over at, for any occasion with ultimate comfort provided, Uufey Shoes have you covered, be sure to tag us on socials in your pics styling your @Uufeyshoes.

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Sustainable Shoes: Small steps to help the environment

This week at Uufey we are looking into the topic of sustainable shoes, and choices we can make to be more environmentally friendly with our footwear. There are numerous solutions and things to try, but it all depends on what you have and what you want to do.

Reuse or repair

First of all, what about using your old shoes? A fairly common practice for old shoes is using them for tasks where they may be damaged or ruined, like painting or DIY projects. Some people use shoes like these for dog walking, taking the backs out of the shoes to make them easier to slip on or other modifications like removing the laces.

Another option is to repair if you are the crafty type with the tools to do so (or know someone who is). You may find the part of your shoe that bothers you is easily replaced, repaired or changed. Scuffs can be buffed out and polished, leather can be treated and stitches can be resown.

Shoe Donations

But the shoe doesn’t always fit. In these cases, it’s best to give them a new home with someone who they will fit. Depending on the pair, you may be able to get some money back by reselling or if you’re feeling charitable, donating them. Options for donating differ depending on your location, but they include the Red Cross and Shoeaid. Usually, people will individually go to their locations to drop off their shoes, but some workplaces organize events where the employees give together. Another option if you have access to a printer is to print off a label and ship them, or a shoe bin may be available near you at a shop. A map of locations and more advice is available here.

Considerations for future purchases

But what about your next pair of shoes? If you want to be a little more environmentally friendly going forward with your shoe purchases, you might want to consider brands that take the environment into account (like us, for example). There are many stages and facets to making shoes that could be very anti-environment, from the tanning of leather to chemical glues. Good alternatives to these processes have been around for a while now, like faux leather and synthetic glue. The challenge is in finding a shoe like this that also fits you comfortably. Luckily, I think we can help you with that.

Protection from wear and tear

When you have your new shoes, how do you keep them that way? There are many options here, like waterproof protection spray, particularly useful in the unpredictable UK. If you feel like going the extra mile, you can regularly polish the leather and even stuff the inside of them when you aren’t using them so they keep their shape. Or maybe something happens to your shoes, for example, they get stained or muddy, use a soft, dry brush to remove loose dirt first (a lot of people use spare toothbrushes for this), then use a mild cleaning solution gently on the upper of your shoe and soles. If you need to clean the laces, a handwash tends to be best, then let them air dry.

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